Andes Flycast

Andes Fly Cast, born in 2007, driven by the passion to live fly fishing, the taste for teaching the art of Fly Casting and the sustainability that exists behind this sport.

Given the great potential that Chile has in recreational fishing, the increasing national and international tourism, and the availability of kms of rivers that descend from the Andes Mountains, "we are inspired" and our brand was born Andes Fly Cast: "Casting flies in the Andes", the engine that motivated us to perfect ourselves and that identifies us.

We began to define geographic areas with fishing quality, in which we could develop and offer memorable experiences, with quality of service and fishing.

Beyond the beautiful landscapes and the contact with the nature that surrounds the fly fishing, our services focused on the training, with the idea of orming new fishermen with fly. That's how we started making Fly Casting Lessons and fishing courses, taking everything to practice in the rivers of the Andes.

The year 2014 Andes Fly Cast opens a new destination, “ Robinson Crusoe island ", one of the best destinations in the world for fishing Giant Yellowtail fishin abundance.

We developed modern techniques of fishing, which never before had been tested in Chile. put to test in Chile, which framework in the history  a before an after in saltwater fishing in Chile.

Thanks to the effectiveness of these techniques, a technique called "Jigging", which provides great effectiveness in fishing, has allowed us to enhance this wonderful destination with sustainable fishing quality.

Today we can say that this place has become a unique and exclusive place for sustainable fishing in Chile, recognized and considered by international professional fishermen, as one of the best destinations in the world.

In the year 2017 we celebrate 10 years of history as fishing destination and fishing school.


El año 2014 AndesFlycast abre un nuevo destino, "La isla Robinson Crusoe". En asociación con su partner de la isla Rudy, trabajan uno de los mejores destinos del mundo para la pesca de Yellowtailfish gigantes y en abundancia. Desarrollamos las mejores técnicas de pesca, con lo cuales, la efectividad, ha sido la que nos ha permitido potenciar este maravilloso destino con calidad  de pesca. Es así como este destino se ha transformado en un lugar único y exclusivo para la pesca sustentable en Chile.

We make private and group Fly Casting Lessons, for companies, individuals, and fishing guide trips. 

Through our Fly Fishing School AndesFlyCast, we develop the best practical methods, so our students can learn in an Easy, Didactic and Efficient way.

We are located in Santiago, but we also move to regions.


There are already more than 800 students who have been able to help and share all our experience of Fly Fishing.