North Patagonia Argentina

A true expedition in the heart of the Andes Cordillera Argentina.

This destination combines the beauty of flora and fauna, pampas patagonicas and an exceptional quality fishing at 2,500 meters high.

Among mountain valleys, we are dazzled by large stretches of miles of rivers in their maximum state of purity. For those looking to enjoy excellent fishing, improve the techniques and put in practice the most efficient techniques that exist, such as European style fishing, this is the right place.

Ten years have passed since we discovering this fascinating fishing spots, spring creeks, slow and fast waters, and dreams pools.

To finish the fishing season with very good catches in quantity, range 500 grs to 3 kg of weight, with light tackles, this is the place.

Brown and Rainbow trout are the species

We recommend March - April - May

Finishing a beautiful day of fishing with the technique of Spanish nymph, or fishing by the wire.