Winter Fly Fishing Santiago

SEASON all years

In winter, we open our classroom in the lagoons of Los Andes, we prepare each winter semi-artificial lagoons, in which we distribute a large quantity of trout until 3 kg of weight, to be able to Fly Fshing.

You could enjoy like a Fly fisherman, or with your family and learn about this sustainable sport.

Our Fly Fishing school begins with winter activities, from June to September.

We offer initiations and improvement in fly fishing, advice on the purchase of equipment, as well as the organization of celebrations for schools and natural people.

The perfect place to enjoy fly fishing in winter and understand:

  • The behavior of trout, its productive cycle

  • Preparation of equipment

  • The correct presentation of the flies

  • Analyze and use the main fly patterns

  • Roll Cast and Over Head cast on both shoulders

  • Learning and practice " European nymphing techniques “

  • Practical knots

  • Manipulation of trout

A very entertaining and recommended experience for everyone.

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